I'm trying to use Quill JavaScript Rich Text Editor. I need to configure it to use only a predefined tag set:

b, i, pre, a, br + Emoji

Right now I have configured it in the following way:

var Block = Quill.import('blots/block');
Block.tagName = 'PRE';
Quill.register(Block, true);

var quill = new Quill('#editor-container', {
  modules: {
    toolbar: true
  theme: 'snow'

As you may see I already have changed the wrapper to PRE tag. How to also configure Quill to use the mentioned restricted tag set? No other tags can be allowed and must be automatically removed if present.

  • Sidenote: you will still need to sanitise or validate the final HTML on the server; just white/blacklisting tags in Quill doesn't guarantee anything. – deceze Sep 7 '18 at 14:06

Define formats in the parameters of the constructor, there you can define which formats you want to support.

var quill = new Quill('#editor-container', {
  formats: ['bold', 'italic', 'code', 'code-block', 'link'],

Quill works with Delta and formats, not directly with HTML and tags. You can set the formats config option to limit the allowed formats.

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