I'm brand new to Prolog. I am simply trying to get some output from Prolog on Windows Vista.

I have downloaded and installed Prolog 5.1; I chose the .pro file extension when installing (not to confuse with Perl files).

I created a file called test.pro. Inside this file I put the following:


I double clicked the file and a command line interface popped up. On this interface (after a bunch of generic Prolog version/copyright info) the only output is:

1 ?-

OK, for starters, I did not expect it to ask a question; I expected it to answer a question (something along the line of 'yes').

Anyway, I tried to respond to the query with the following:

In the command line I re-inserted 'inside(tom).', so the whole line looks like:

1 ?- inside(tom).

I pressed Enter and got an error message:

ERROR: toplevel: Undefined procedure: inside/1 (DWIM could not correct goal)

Prolog doesn't answer questions if you haven't told it facts. (Except for some built-in facts such as member(1, [1,2,3]).)

You can tell it who is inside by (comment follow a %):

1 ?- [user].                          % get facts and rules from user input
|: inside(mary).                      % Mary and John are explicitly inside
|: inside(john).
|: inside(X) :- location(X, house).   % rule: anyone in the house is inside
|: inside(X) :- location(X, office).  % (variables start with a capital letter)
|: location(tom, house).
|: location(bernard, house).
|: location(anne, office).
|:                                    % type Ctrl+D
% user://1 compiled 0.00 sec, 1,220 bytes

2 ?- inside(tom).                     % Prolog deduces that Tom is inside
true .

If you want to learn Prolog, Learn Prolog Now is a good, free tutorial.


You need to compile this first (also called "consult" in prolog). If I knew which version of prolog you have I could find out the exact key entry for this command (Ctrl-L may work). By the way, welcome to the wonderful world of prolog- I love it :) As soon as you're over this hurdle, it gets a lot better. :)

  • I'm guessing this is SWI-Prolog ( you might be surprised at how many different 'prologs' there are). In which case, "Consult..." is on the main file menu- it prompts you for a file to load so just reload this file and you should be all set. You do, indeed, have to ask it a query before it will do anything- that's how any prolog program works. Mar 7 '11 at 17:21
  • Yes, SWI-Prolog. I found that and I think I compiled the file. At first when I chose the 'consult' option from the file menu, I did not see my file named test.pro. I had to choose to view "All Files" (that's wierd, maybe prolog is not recognizing .pro files) for the file to become apparent; I chose it and it seemed to comiple. I was given the message: "dir.../test.pro compiled 0.00 sec, 1,696 bytes", but I did not see a compiled file in the same directory and am currently searching through the new directory structure that was installed with the Prolog installation.
    – John R
    Mar 7 '11 at 17:45
  • I reinstalled SWI-Prolog, but left the default for file extension to .pl . That seemed to be the problem ... in addition to compiling via menu 'file/consult' as you suggested. Thanks for your help.
    – John R
    Mar 7 '11 at 20:53

Quick and dirty. What was missing was 'compiling' the file, known as consult and the syntax is as follows, all characters in the line are relevant.

?- [filename].

then you can ask questions and do other things with what the database.(the source code in prolog)



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