We are just configuring our first Microsoft CRM Portal using the Portals Add-In.

We are doing this in our sandbox, obviously. Question: How do we deploy this to our production system? As far as I see, most of the data is not saved in a solution but in entity records. Is there a practical way to deploy the stuff?


You’ll want to use the Portal Records Mover in the XRMToolbox. It will allow you to export/import the relevant records for the Portal.


Alternatively, you can use the Configuration Migration tool (available in the SDK NuGet package) to move the records. I prefer the Portal Records Mover because it provides more granular control and supports updates without overwriting.


As suggested by @Nicknow use Configuration Migration and Portal Records Mover. I would do the first transfer with the Configuration Migration and continue with Portal Records Mover where you can filter records that were updated on a given time frame.

You can also build your own SSIS package to filter the modified records and move them on the productive system.

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