Could anyone tell me how shall I fix this warning? Google only told me about inline functions in Kotlin, which is irrelevant.

It does not break build, but I really would like to write a better code.

enter image description here

If I press Command+F1, it says

This inspection reports local variables either used only in the very next return statement or exact copies of other variables. In both cases it's better to inline such a variable.

I pasted code here for your convenience. Thanks in advance!

override fun onPreferenceChange(preference: Preference?, value: Any?): Boolean {
    val stringValue = value.toString()

    if (preference is ListPreference) {
        val listPreference = preference
  • Well what is the point of that variable? Just do preference.findIndexOfValue. But for that matter, what's the point of index? – jonrsharpe Sep 8 '18 at 10:57
  • There are other lines of code after that which I did not paste. – Chandler Sep 8 '18 at 22:13

I found the answer, val listPreference = preference is unnecessary because it would be done by smartcast automatically.


    if (preference is ListPreference) {
        val index = preference.findIndexOfValue(stringValue)

        preference.summary = (
                if (index >= 0)

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