I would like to know what do I have to do if I want to mount automatically my NTFS filesystem when Ubuntu 10 starts. Now I have to do it manually everytime it starts.


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You can fo this by editing the FSTAB:

First create a directory where your NTFS volume will be mounted to:

sudo mkdir /media/ntfs

Wise man makes a backup before editing the FSTAB:

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab-backup

Append this at the end of the file

/dev/hda1    /media/windows ntfs  nls=utf8,umask=0222 0    0

Instead of /dev/hda1 use your dev here.

  • I'm using uid=1000,gid=1000,auto,rw,users instead of nls=utf8,umask=0222 to auto mount the ntfs partition at boot time.
    – Timo Bähr
    Nov 5, 2016 at 18:43

Change you fstab should help. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab.


There is an awesome Example section in the Ubuntu Wiki for Fstab:

# NTFS ~ Use ntfs-3g for write access (rw) 
# /dev/hda1
UUID=12102C02102CEB83  /media/windows  ntfs-3g  auto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8  0  0


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