I am New to MQ, Want to understand if any material or example. that could help to write an exit for receiver channel that will alter certain field of data before putting into local queue

Environment linux

  • Welcome to Stack Overflow! Please take the tour and read through the help center, in particular how to ask. Your best bet here is to do your research, search for related topics on SO, and give it a go. After doing more research and searching, post a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example of your attempt and say specifically where you're stuck, which can help you get better answers. – help-info.de Sep 9 at 9:03
  • Writing a channel exit is not a trivial task. You should have in-depth knowledge of MQ and be an expert C programmer or else you will create an unstable MQ environment. Secondly, why don't you just get the sending application to update the application and send the correct information. – Roger Sep 10 at 16:14

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