I'm looking for ways to integrate the Windows Forms ErrorProvider component into a ReactiveUI based application.

The ErrorProvider control relies on Windows Forms' BindingContext/BindingManager infrastructure, which is of course not used by ReactiveUI.

How can I, from the View object's bound Controls, "navigate" back to the properties on the ViewModel to which they are bound? I'm thinking of possibly using .NET attributes on the VM properties, but I'd need some automated way to find which property a control is bound to.

As a different approach, I could create a second property on the VM for each property which needs validation status displayed on the View, and use standard ReactiveUI binding/subscribe mechanism to call ErrorProvider.SetError(), but this would have to be manually wired up for each Control, which I'd like to avoid.

So, when iterating Controls on the View, how to "find" which VM property it is bound to, if any.

  • ErrorProvider relies on IDataErrorInfo. Also DataGridView which doesn't need ErrorProvider to show errors on cells and rows, relies on the same interface. So if you want to use ErrorProvider or error feature of DataGridView, then you need to implement that interface in your classes. You can see an implementation which allows you to use DataAnnotations Validation Attributes in Windows Forms. It's not about ReactiveUI, but you will learn how to customize models to use them with ErrorProvider. – Reza Aghaei Sep 9 '18 at 19:36
  • @Reza, yes, thanks for pointing out the DataGridView not using the ErrorProvider. After looking into the code for many different .NET classes (using Reflector), I see that the ErrorProvider heavily relies on the classic WinForms DataBinding framework. I'll have to mimic this behavior, but based on ReactiveUI Bindings. I'll rewrite my question differently now that I know what to ask for. Thx. – Luc Morin Sep 10 '18 at 12:49

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