I have an authentication service that handles Azure B2C login followed by custom token retrieval. The authentication service will never be directly exposed to a UI. At the moment, the authentication service only talks to other services.

I have a user service that handles permissions, keys to private blob containers, etc.

Then I have my standard page view models.

The authentication service updates a LoginResult after a successful login/logout and has a commands that callers can use.

The user service subscribes to the LoginResult changes and creates a UserViewModel with permissions, etc. and publishes that as a CurrentUser as well as commands, such as Login that is can pass along to the authentication service.

The view models for the pages subscribe to the user service and look for changes in the UserViewModel, like name, permissions and photo. Like this:

auth service (login result) => user service (user) => page view model => view

I saw in a video (I've watched so many I can't remember where) or Kent Boogaart's (awesome) book that reactive objects are generally collections of commands and properties.

So my authentication service is defining OAPH items and using the ToProperty to update them. The consuming user service is subscribing to those. Is this the proper way to do service to service publish/subscribe?

I have lots more of this to do and I want to get started on the right approach. TIA.

Target is Xamarin Forms

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    Change your user service to implement IObservable<T> (where T is the type your ViewModel receive as response). That way you can subscribe the service amd receive changes. – Luis Sep 30 '18 at 17:51

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