I have noticed that Visual Studio Code randomly has a really high CPU usage. Generally, this seems to be related to the window where I have a SQL server project. Below is the output from code --status when this recently happened. Any insights into what might be going on here?

code --status

Version:          Code 1.27.1 (5944e81f3c46a3938a82c701f96d7a59b074cfdc, 2018-09-06T09:14:32.385Z)
OS Version:       Darwin x64 17.7.0
CPUs:             Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-8950HK CPU @ 2.90GHz (12 x 2900)
Memory (System):  32.00GB (2.58GB free)
Load (avg):       3, 3, 3
VM:               0%
Screen Reader:    no
Process Argv:     /Users/thebitguru/Desktop/Work/Visual Studio Code/Visual Studio Code.app/Contents/MacOS/Electron
GPU Status:       2d_canvas:                    enabled
                  checker_imaging:              disabled_off
                  flash_3d:                     enabled
                  flash_stage3d:                enabled
                  flash_stage3d_baseline:       enabled
                  gpu_compositing:              enabled
                  multiple_raster_threads:      enabled_on
                  native_gpu_memory_buffers:    enabled
                  rasterization:                enabled
                  video_decode:                 enabled
                  video_encode:                 enabled
                  webgl:                        enabled
                  webgl2:                       enabled

CPU %   Mem MB     PID  Process
   87      131    4742  code main
    0      131    4743     gpu-process
    0      197    4744     window (~/golang/src/github.com/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../auth.go — proj1)
    0       98    5023       extensionHost
    0       33    5024       watcherService
    0       33    5033       searchService
   77      262    4745     window (~/Desktop/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../V20180905_4.0.18_1907.sql — db)
    0      131    5025       extensionHost
    0       98    5055         /Users/thebitguru/Desktop/Work/Visual Studio Code/code-portable-data/extensions/ms-mssql.mssql-1.4.0/sqltoolsservice/1.4.0/OSX/MicrosoftSqlToolsServiceLayer
    0       66    5026       watcherService
    0       33    5053       searchService
    0       98    5027     shared-process
    0      197    5121     window (~/Desktop/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../messages.go — proj2)
    0       98    5122       extensionHost
    0       33    5123       watcherService
    0       33    5128       searchService
Workspace Stats:
|  Window (~/Desktop/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../hermes.go — proj2)
|  Window (~/Desktop/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../V20180905_4.0.18_1907.sql — db)
|  Window (~/golang/src/github.com/...PATH_MANUALLY_REMOVED.../auth.go — proj1)
|    Folder (proj2): 35 files
|      File types: go(23) log(2) yaml(2) gitignore(1) pid(1) md(1) mod(1)
|                  sum(1) txt(1) sql(1)
|      Conf files: makefile(1)
|    Folder (db): 175 files
|      File types: sql(154) conf(7) txt(3) jar(3) DS_Store(2) gitignore(1)
|                  md(1) yml(1) cmd(1) dll(1)
|      Conf files:
|    Folder (proj1): 3846 files
|      File types: go(3057) json(126) js(118) hcl(83) md(70) scss(54) s(50)
|                  gitignore(28) yml(27) txt(24)
|      Conf files: package.json(60) makefile(6) launch.json(1)
|                  settings.json(1) tsconfig.json(1)
|      Launch Configs: go

I had the same issue today.

First I removed Php intelliSese Extension and my cpu usage came down to around 25%. Then I removed Vetur extension for Vuejs (I don't remember how or when I installed this), and now everything is running normal and cool.

Hopefully it helps you too.

  • Thanks. I will try disabling any PHP extensions. Unfortunately, in my case it is likely the Microsoft SQL extension that's the culprit, but I need the functionality that this extension provides :-/ – thebitguru Sep 13 '18 at 13:27
  • 1
    I had the EXACT same problem with PHP Intellisense. My VS Code extension was also using more than 4 GB of RAM. At the end, after 10 minutes at 100%, I could test the PHP extension, but I was disapointed. The intellisense was unable to complete $foo-> while the Foo class was declared in another file. – nowox Nov 24 '18 at 9:14

first you need to find which process eating your cpu, for that vscode has inbuilt process Explorer. You can find at Help => Open Process Explorer

For me the culprit is electron_node tsserver.js, I solved it by turning on the typescript.disableAutomaticTypeAcquisition, for that you need to go Settings => Extensions => TypeScript and check the Typescript: disable Automatic Type Acquisition


Windows 10

I was also facing a similar problem with my VS Code. It was consuming huge amounts of power(HIGH) and also lots of CPU resources. For me, I was running a JavaScript application; So I guess, after selecting the Typescript: disable automatic type Acquisition it worked for me and there was a significant improvement!

Even if you observe that your laptop is getting heated abnormally while using VS Code, you should try one of the approaches mentioned by others here!


Today my Visual Studio Code was draining my CPU and this happened after I had created a big bunch of files (6GB each of which being a couple of KB). I moved the files outside the scope of the editor and everything worked fine. I guess some extension or the editor itself was having a hard time indexing the files.

I hope this could help.


I have the same problem after I installed C/C++ extension in VScode. I think it is the VScode's bug. After I uninstalled this extension the high cpu problem was solved. Picture discription


I have the same problem when I import my whole user directory, e.g. /home/usr/ into visual code and eventually crashed my system. I resolved it by selecting specific working directory, e.g. /home/usr/Documents/work, and adding subsequent folders when needed. Then, my CPU usage back to normal


Its probably some extension. For me it was IntelliSense. Disable them one by one to check.

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