I have an s3 bucket with nearly 100k gzipped JSON files.

These files are called [timestamp].json instead of the more sensible [timestamp].json.gz.

I have other processes that use them so renaming is not an option and copying them is even less ideal.

I am using spark.read.json([pattern]) to read these files. If I rename the filename to contain the .gz this works fine, but whilst the extension is just .json they cannot be read.

Is there any way I can tell spark that these files are gzipped?


SparkSession can read compressed json file directly, just like this:

val json=spark.read.json("/user/the_file_path/the_json_file.log.gz") json.printSchema()

  • Yes, I know, but it seems to infer compression from the file name. files ending with just json or .json.gzip seem to fail when using spark.read.json(FILENAME)
    – Hans
    Jan 21 '21 at 14:56

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