Lets assume i have a git branch FIX-8834 and branch VERSION-12.

I want to merge FIX-8834 to VERSION-12 in git.

Git tells there is a conflict.

I use Kdiff3 to solve it.

KDiff3 opens and there are 3 files open: A(base), B(local) and C(remote). What letter has the FIX_8834, VERSION-12 and from where is the third file coming from?

Is there any way to display human being names for the files in KDiff3?


The words are supposed to be human readable:

  1. Base is the first commit down the tree the two branches split off from. It is the first common ancestor. Often it is useful to have this to hep decide which of the newer commits you want.
  2. Local is your local file, the one in the current branch you are standing on.
  3. Remote is the remote file, of the branch you are merging into your common on.

GIT performs merge in three ways, It finds the merge base of two branches that you are using. when you do git merge, it generates three different type of files.

A(base), B(local) and C(remote) where

B(LOCAL) is same as FIX-8834 in your case - this is your branch that you are merging.

C(Remote) is same as VERSION-12 in your case - This is the branch you are merging in to.

A(base) is the nothing but half-finished merge where conflicts are marked depending upon the tool that you are using.

For more, Please go through this link.

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