I have two tables :

Plan (plan_id,plan_name).


i want all plan name from plan table in DropDown which are not inserted into task table..

i write this code.

$this->db->join('task', 'task.plan_name_id =plan.plan_id');
$res= $this->db->get();

But this show only those which are same in both tables.

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    Add a where condition that checks that task.column is null. And make sure you're using a left join. – Jon Stirling Sep 10 at 11:28
  • I write this Condition. $this->db->where('task.plan_name_id != plan.plan_id'); But then show nothing – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 11:30
  • I said, null. And again, check it's doing a left join, I don't know codeigniter well enough to say whether what you have is left or inner. – Jon Stirling Sep 10 at 11:32
  • I will try but still show nothing, can you have alternate in codeigniter. – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 11:40
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You can try this:

    $query = "select * from plan where plan.plan_id NOT IN (select task.plan_name_id from task)"
    $res= $this->db->query($query);
  • Still show nothing in this condition. – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 11:39
  • run the query directly in mysql and see if you are getting data? – Suresh Kamrushi Sep 10 at 11:46
  • Yes. It's worked there. – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 11:55
  • Thanks Bro.. Now it's worked – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 12:01

if you want to use the Query Builder you can try the following

$res = $this->db->select('plan.*')
    ->join('task', 'task.plan_name_id =plan.plan_id', 'left')
    ->where('task.plan_name_id', NULL)
  • Thank You Sir! Now i find other solution for this problem, and i also try this code for more knowledge. – Aamir Baloch Sep 10 at 12:34

Please use left join

$this->db->join('task', 'task.plan_name_id = plan.plan_id', 'left');
$res= $this->db->get();

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