I'm working with service worker to use push-notification and build PWA. I understood that push-notifications will work even if the browser is closed. But after severals tests I discovered that it is not the case.
I tested with the browser of my desktop and I receive notifications only if the browser is open. I also tested with android smartphone and I received notification only if my browser is open or if I left it to go to another application on my phone. As soon as, I closed my smartphone browser notification didn't work.

I found a post form 2 year ago here. It said that it is normal that desktop and smartphone browser doesn't receive notifications if it are closed.

My question is, what is it the advantage to build PWA with push-notification if we are not able to information our users to new event in the PWA ??? I beleive PWA was better than hybrid-app's. But maybe note... hybrid-app's can't be display on desktop browser but notification will work on smartphone.


This is not a PWA problem but this is related ti how your OS manage browsers' push notification.

In Linux I see push notification also after browser close.

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