My login activity contains a Google Sign in method and when the user signs in successfully, some info is stored into a real-time database. I am also trying to store the profile picture associated with the Google account into the Firebase Storage but nothing is being uploaded when it happens.

            .addOnCompleteListener(this, new OnCompleteListener<AuthResult>() {
                public void onComplete(@NonNull final Task<AuthResult> task) {
                    if (task.isSuccessful()) {
                        // Sign in success, update UI with the signed-in user's information
                        Log.d(TAG, "signInWithCredential:success");

                        FirebaseUser user = mAuth.getCurrentUser();
                        mStorageRef = FirebaseStorage.getInstance().getReference();

                        FirebaseDatabase database = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance();
                        DatabaseReference myRef = database.getReference(user.getUid());
                        myRef.child("artist_name").setValue("Artist Name");

                        StorageReference ref = mStorageRef.child("image/" + user.getUid());
                        ref.putFile(acct.getPhotoUrl()).addOnSuccessListener(new OnSuccessListener<UploadTask.TaskSnapshot>() {
                            public void onSuccess(UploadTask.TaskSnapshot taskSnapshot) {
                                    // Nothing happens
                                    Toast.makeText(LoginActivity.this, "success", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                            }).addOnFailureListener(new OnFailureListener() {
                                public void onFailure(@NonNull Exception e) {
                                    Toast.makeText(LoginActivity.this, "failed", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                    } else {
                        // If sign in fails, display a message to the user.
                        Log.w(TAG, "signInWithCredential:failure", task.getException());
                        Toast.makeText(LoginActivity.this, "Something went wrong...", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                    // ...

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