In CodeIgniter using active record, how do I perform a not equal to in $this->db->where(). For instance:

$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId', $campaignId);

Will do equal to, but I need not equal to. I have tried:

$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId <> ', $campaignId);
$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId != ', $campaignId);
$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId', ' != ' . $campaignId);
$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId != ' . $campaignId);

All with no luck. Ideas?

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According to the manual this should work:

Custom key/value method:

You can include an operator in the first parameter in order to control the comparison:

$this->db->where('name !=', $name);
$this->db->where('id <', $id);
Produces: WHERE name != 'Joe' AND id < 45

Search for $this->db->where(); and look at item #2.

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    Small Note: Space is must between field name and operator (as given in above example). I was trying without giving space between field name and operator. It wasn't working. Commented Dec 21, 2014 at 7:28

It worked fine with me,

$this->db->where("your_id !=",$your_id);

Or try this one,

$this->db->where("your_id <>",$your_id);

Or try this one,

$this->db->where("your_id IS NOT NULL");

all will work.


Try this code. This seems working in my case.

$this->db->where(array('id !='=> $id))
$this->db->where('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId !=' , $campaignId);

This should work (which you have tried)

To debug you might place this code just after you execute your query to see what exact SQL it is producing, this might give you clues, you might add that to the question to allow for further help.

$this->db->get();              // your query executing

echo '<pre>';                  // to preserve formatting
die($this->db->last_query());  // halt execution and print last ran query.

This should work (which you have tried)

$this->db->where_not_in('emailsToCampaigns.campaignId', $campaignId);
->where('customer_id', $this->session->userdata('user')['customer_id'])
->where('status <>' , 'draft')

Here is an example from the codeigniter documentation

enter image description here

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