Can I build a complete and quality PWA (Progressive Web Apps) using just dart language - or AngularDart - with no javascript prior experience?

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Yes, you can build a PWA using AngularDart. AngularDart is usually used for native apps and can be compiled into javascript. With tree shaking, type inference and minification, Dart can help you optimize your web app. Therefore it is suitable as a framework for Progressive Web App.

Here is another SO related post regarding PWA using AngularDart.

We need to get some documentation out for this, but we do have an example application:



  • I am assuming from your answer that I can build anything that js developer can build in pwa without getting to learn js ... I am also assuming that pwa and service_worker libs in dart are mature enough for any pwa production ... right ? – Mohamed Hassan Sep 11 at 2:35
  • pwa and service_worker packages need some work. If you follow along with what this app does, you should be okay, though. – Kevin Moore Sep 11 at 16:46
  • Thank you for the clarification. – Mohamed Hassan Sep 11 at 17:15

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