def cat_latin_word(text):
    """converts the english into cat latin"""
    constant = "bcdfghjklmnprstvwxyzBCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXYZ"
    result = []
    for word in text.split():
        if word[0] in constant:
            word = (str(word)[1:] + str(word)[0] + "eeoow")
        elif word == "q":
            word = ("oodbyegeeoow")
            word = (str(word) + "meeoow")

    return ' '.join(result)

def cat_latin_from_sentence(text):
    """call the sub cat latin word sub function"""
    return cat_latin_word(text)

def main():
    """Calling for the main function"""
    text = input("Enter the english sentence: ")
    print("cat latin =" + " "+ cat_latin_from_sentence(text))
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I'm having to guess a bit here without you posting the actual Pylint message, but is it perhaps complaining that you're specifically missing a module docstring? That is, a docstring at the top of the file describing what the whole module is for, rather than the function-level docstrings that you have shown.

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