I have a directory path where there are multiple files and directories.

I want to use basic bash script to create an array containing only list of directories.

Suppose I have a directory path: /my/directory/path/

$ls /my/directory/path/
a.txt dirX b.txt dirY dirZ

Now I want to populate array named arr[] with only directories, i.e. dirX, dirY and dirZ.

Got one post but its not that relevant with my requirement.

Any help will be appreciated!

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    You mean the line array=(*/)? Seems pretty good to me. – Gem Taylor Sep 11 '18 at 12:45

Try this:

arr=(/my/directory/path/*/)    # This creates an array of the full paths to all subdirs
arr=("${arr[@]%/}")            # This removes the trailing slash on each item
arr=("${arr[@]##*/}")          # This removes the path prefix, leaving just the dir names

Unlike the ls-based answer, this will not get confused by directory names that contain spaces, wildcards, etc.



shopt -s nullglob   # Globs that match nothing expand to nothing
shopt -s dotglob    # Expanded globs include names that start with '.'

for dir in /my/directory/path/*/ ; do
    dir2=${dir%/}       # Remove the trailing /
    dir3=${dir2##*/}    # Remove everything up to, and including, the last /
    arr+=( "$dir3" )

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