Q1. I am setting some data in google analytics using this code -

ga(applytracker+'.set', key, value);

Here applytracker is my custom tracker. How do I get this data in my report on backend side using a service application in Java? What is the use of this set function?

Q2. I am also tracking some events based on the user action on my site. I am setting a unique key for every event I am tracking (via above set function). I want to fetch this unique key for every event in my report. How can I get this unique key in my service application in Java.

Note that I cannot set this unique key in either, EventCategory, EventAction or EventLabel.

Or is it only supposed to be fetched on front-end side while tracker is running?

PS - I am fairly new to ga and still trying to learn it. I am using Reporting v4 API.

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