I have code that builds multiple Pivot Tables based on a user input sheet. I have a worksheet with slicers on it that I want to connect to the newly built Pivot Tables. Pivot Tables are created with no problem.

Problem: I have been unable to connect the Slicers to the Pivot Tables.

After Googling I think I need to use the "SlicerCache.Pivottables.AddPivotTable " function but have been unable to get it to work.

Error Line: objSlicerCache.PivotTables.AddPivotTable _ wksPivots.PivotTables(objPT)


Dim objSlicerCache  As SlicerCache
Dim objSlicer       As Slicer
Dim objPT           As PivotTable
Dim wksPivots       As Worksheet

' Procedure

Set wksPivots = Workbooks(sDash).Worksheets(sPivots)

For Each objPT In wksPivots.PivotTables
Next objPT

For Each objSlicerCache In Workbooks(sDash).SlicerCaches
    For Each objPT In wksPivots.PivotTables
        objSlicerCache.PivotTables.AddPivotTable _

BTW: I got this idea from the link below. I am not sure why mine isn't working

Connect a slicer to ll pivot table

Update: I have been unable to resolve this issue so I tried a different process. This new process has yielded a different problem which I describe here: Cannot Connect Slicer to Multiple Pivot Tables - Error #424 "Object Required"

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