Is it possible to return a value from a SAS macro, and continue the current SAS line after returning the value?

e.g. Desired output to SAS (without quotes):

"set test.hello_2018_2020_2028;"

I've tried the following:

%MACRO returnFunc(passVar);
    %local testReturn;
    %let testReturn = %eval(&passVar +1);
%MEND returnFunc;

%MACRO test;
    %local var1;
    %local varPassed;
    %local anotherVar;

    %let var1 = 2018;
    %let varPassed = 2019;
    %let anotherVar = 2028;

    set test.hello_&var1._%returnFunc(&varPassed)_&anotherVar;
%MEND test;

However I get errors like the following:

  • File test.hello_2018_2020.DATA does not exist

  • File WORK._2028 Does not exist

So the macro returns the value fine, however it starts trying to make another set statement instead of adding _&anotherVar to the set statement

  • I think you need an & in front of testReturn in the first macro. Also, try removing the period after %returnFunc(&varPassed).. – J_Lard Sep 11 '18 at 19:17
  • You can, but PROC FCMP is not a bad option for that as well. – Reeza Sep 11 '18 at 19:27
  • I'm thinking %UNQUOTE is needed. – data _null_ Sep 11 '18 at 19:29

Yes %UNQUOTE and remove the . after the macro call.

111  %MACRO returnFunc(passVar);
112      %local testReturn;
113      %let testReturn = %eval(&passVar +1);
114      &testReturn
115      %return;
116  %MEND returnFunc;
118  %MACRO test;
119      %local var1;
120      %local varPassed;
121      %local anotherVar;
123      %let var1 = 2018;
124      %let varPassed = 2019;
125      %let anotherVar = 2028;
127      set %unquote(test.hello_&var1._%returnFunc(&varPassed)_&anotherVar);
128  %MEND test;
129  options mprint=1;
130  data _null_;
131     %test;
MPRINT(TEST):   test.hello_2018_2020_2028;
ERROR: Libref TEST is not assigned.
132     run;

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