I have to sort list of object by lastName and firstName (if case there is the same lastName for multiple objects). I must also apply Collator to those.

Suppose I can do that for one property:

val collator = Collator.getInstance(context.getResources().getConfiguration().locale)

myList.sortedWith(compareBy(collator, { it.lastName.toLowerCase() }))

But is it possible to apply also to that another restriction to also sort by firstName?


You can add another sort criteria with thenBy:

val comparator =
        compareBy(collator) { p: Person -> p.lastName.toLowerCase() }
                .thenBy(collator) { p: Person -> p.firstName.toLowerCase() }
val result = myList.sortedWith(comparator)

Simplest would just be to concatenate the two properties in the selector lambda:

    compareBy(collator) { "${it.lastName} ${it.firstName}".toLowerCase() }

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