The following screen shot is of Visual Studio code viewing a text file which is wider than the screen:

enter image description here

There is a horizontal scrollbar (barely) visible at the bottom of the screen. I find this difficult to see (I just spent 20 minutes searching for how to add a horizontal scrollbar because I didn't even know it was there). In fact, by default it fades to invisible if the window doesn't have focus. There is a fix for this in the following (undocumented) setting:

"editor.scrollbar.horizontal": "visible"

However, I still find this unsatisfactory. Is there any way to improve this situation? The scrollbars in Visual Studio itself are fine, for example.

(Note: I'm aware of word wrap, but that's not what I want.)

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You can give it a more obvious color:

 "workbench.colorCustomizations": {
    "scrollbarSlider.background": "#ff0000",
    "scrollbarSlider.hoverBackground": "#0088ff",


There are a couple more scrollbar color settings you can try, these affect both vertical and horizontal scrollbars though.

As of v1.58 see https://stackoverflow.com/a/46634103/836330 for more officially exposed scrollbar settings including


,"editor.scrollbar.verticalScrollbarSize": 10
,"editor.scrollbar.horizontal": "visible"
,"editor.scrollbar.horizontalScrollbarSize": 15

How to make scrollbars wider in Visual Studio Code?

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