Can anybody help me with the ccavenue integration in the ionic app? I am not able to open the ccavenue in iFrame.


You may refer with this post: cordova - How to integrate CCAvenue to Ionic2. As per thread,

You need to set up a CCAvenue account. Go to the Sign Up page, choose the Startup Pro plan and fill out your details. On creating your account, you will recieve an e-mail on your entered e-mail address to verify your e-mail. Once you verify your e-mail, you will recieve an activation e-mail which will give you your CCAvenue Account Login ID and you will be required to set your password. Set your account password amd make sure you read the e-mails that you receive thoroughly. Login to CCAvenue M.A.R.S Panel (Dashboard). In the Settings > API keys tab , you would get the Merchant ID , Access Code as well as the Working Key. The working key is also named as the encryption key in the dashboard provided to your from CCAvenue. Copy these keys to a safe place for later use. To secure the data transmitted from mobile while initiating the transaction, CCAvenue has implemented a time-based RSA key pair value which needs to be fetched uniquely for every transaction. These files should be uploaded on your web server.

Also from this link: How to integrate CCAvenue to Ionic app?, you have to do the following:

  • By default ccavenue blocks all ip addresses from showing payment page except the url by which user has registered.
  • First check what ip address is being used by the app while run through ionic serve , ask the ccavenue support to whitelist that ip and also port 8100 or whatever your app is using.
  • Once you've whitelisted the ip now you have to make sure that inappbrowser plugin is installed in the ionic now you have to submit the payment form to another window by using this method
  • Hi abielita ,thank you for you help but i am creating a PWA app. and if i use the inappbrowser plugin then i won't be able to use ionic build . – abhishek gupta Sep 18 '18 at 7:28

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