We developed a web application using SAP Web-IDE Full Stack; we need to retrieve the details of the user logged into application (as defined in SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Administration), for example display name and assigned groups. We tried the userapi/currentUser API, but it seems to work only on NEO environment, for this reason is working fine while debugging in Web-IDE, but we get a 404 error when deploying the app on Cloud Foundry. Do we need to add a new destination to make userapi work also on CF? Or is there some kind of similar solution available on Cloud Foundry?


I highly suggest using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK for such tasks. It is an SDK developed to make building applications for SAP Cloud Platform easy, by providing easy to use mechanisms for all the Cloud Platform mechanisms.

Regarding your task at hand, there is a UserAccessor class that you can use like this:

final Optional<User> user = UserAccessor.getCurrentUser();

This works on Neo as well as on Cloud Foundry, i.e. there is a single interface for both platforms, which allows you to develop your app in a platform agnostic way.

If this sounds like it could solve your problem, I recommend checking out this blog post series to get started.

Alternatively, you can also simply add the following dependency to your project to start testing the SDK:


For Cloud Foundry use scp-cf instead of scp-neo.

Hope this helps!

P.S.: To answer your question also on a technical level, Cloud Foundry uses so-called JWTs for authentication and authorization. You can check whether a JWT is present by looking at the Authorization header of the request. The JWT should hold the information you're looking for.

  • Hi Dennis, thanks for your reply. How is possible to take these data (JWTs) from a SAPUI5 webapp developed (WebIDE) and deployed on Cloud Foundry? Thanks, Luca – Von Han Mar 26 at 10:46

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