I want to use python to automatically generate output that is using version information from a git commit (and the contained submpodule versions).

For reading this information from the repository I want to use gitpython. The input is a tag. With this reference it is easy to get the commit sha, repo url etc. without checking out the revision of the tag.

from git import Repo

repo = Repo(repo_dir)
url = repo.remote().url
commit = release.hexsha

Now it comes to the submodules contained in the revision. here I want to have name, commit, path, url. After trying a lot I had to end up with checking out the tag updating the submodules and then getting this info.

# checking out tag revision to get submodule info

for submodule in repo.submodules:
    module = dict()
    module["name"] = submodule.__str__()
    module["commit"] = submodule.hexsha
    module["path"] = submodule.path
    module["url"] = submodule.url
    module["tag"] = str(next((tag for tag in repo.tags if tag.commit == repo.head.commit), None))

Sadly checking out and updating takes a lot of time so I am wondering how to access this submodule info without checkout. I think this should be possible?! -> But how?

Some things I am also curious about:

  • How to ensure that changed submodule urls /paths are detected correctly
  • How to ensure that added/removed/renamed submodules are correctly detected

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