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I am working on a project that requires to search records by multiple customers, I an easily do that by making CheckList box but that will look pity, I've one example which I am trying to create in WPF, upto this point I am only able to do that to auto populate matching values but I want it to be like following.


If There is any control which can help me to achieve this like Searching for Customer A and Customer B in the manner shown in Screen shot.

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It's a composite control. You can develop it by creating an UserControl (preferred) or writing a CustomControl on WPF.

It's depends on your time limitations. Finding an Open-source solution is a fast and easy way. but it must fill your expectations.

Most important part of developing such a Control is to decompose the complex control in some known controls.

I see a WrapPanel as a Container for this control and a main TextBox (with AutoCompletion) into it. and there are some Button which are created by an event. for example you pressed the Space Button and the user control determined that It is time to add a Button as a Item into the main container (WrapPanel) and .... .

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