I go

export PERL6LIB="/GitHub/perl6-Units/lib"

and then

echo $PERL6LIB

But when I run perl6 t/01-basic.t

use v6;

use Test;

plan 3;

lives-ok {
    use Units <m>;
    ok @Units::UNITS.elems > 0;
    ok (0m).defined;


I still get an error

Could not find Units at line 8 in:

In Perl 5 I would have used print "@INC"; to see what paths are searched for the lib before the error is thrown. Using say flat $*REPO.repo-chain.map(*.loaded); either is before it loads or after it throws the exception.

Any help would be much appreciated - or maybe a hint on what to put in ~/.perl6 as I can't get a symlink to work either.

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The error message itself is telling you what the library paths available are. You are failing to print them because you are expecting a run time action ( say ) to take place before a compile time error -- you could print out $*REPO at compile time, but again the exception is already showing you what you wanted.

$ PERL6LIB="/GitHub/perl6-Units/lib" perl6 -e 'BEGIN say $*REPO.repo-chain; use Foo;'
(file#/GitHub/perl6-Units/lib inst#/Users/ugexe/.perl6 inst#/Users/ugexe/.rakudobrew/moar-2018.08/install/share/perl6/site inst#/Users/ugexe/.rakudobrew/moar-2018.08/install/share/perl6/vendor inst#/Users/ugexe/.rakudobrew/moar-2018.08/install/share/perl6 ap# nqp# perl5#)
Could not find Foo at line 1 in:

You can see /GitHub/perl6-Units/lib is showing up in the available paths, which is unlike your example. I'd question if your shell/env is actually setup correctly.

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    Thank you @ugexe your answer is absolutely right - I was using two terminal windows and had not added PERL6LIB to my .profile and restarted the shell so kept failing in the 2nd window. Now hanging head in red-face shame... – p6steve Sep 14 at 12:48
  • Hi @p6steve If you accept ugexe's answer then your question becomes a good thing so you can s/hanging head in red-face shame/holding head high in SO contributor game/. :) – raiph Sep 18 at 9:01

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