new to GTM and GA in general, but interested in it as we need to implement an analytics strategy for our product

We’re building a SPA web app with React and Redux. It’s a saas service.

3 questions based on our context :

(disclaimer: this might not be the right place for this question as this is more a discussion I guess)

1) From a SPA standpoint, I believe I have several options to go:

Are there any pro/ cons there? We are an engineering company and developers bandwidth is not an issue usually.

2) Test on different environments :

We usually test the code locally and then deploy on QA staging URL which changes with version deployed to end up finally on a prod URL.

Meaning domain/url like this :

  • localhost:XXXX
  • QAdomain/sprint1 QAdomain/sprint2 etc
  • ProdDomain

I need to be able to test along the line this process

From what I see depending on the approach chosen there is a mix of solution from GTM environment and cookieDomain? That’s being said I’m not sure of the correct implantation

3) SubDomain implementation

And finally, as we’re a Saas company, our product (that we use ourselves on our prod env) is used by the client on their own subdomain name. (,

We have access in the code to the clientX variable and I could send it alongside any data /event etc.

Should we still use subdomain configuration through GA or GTM? What would be the advantages?

I’m surely mixing concepts which are not related, couldn’t find a clear path there

Thanks in advance for your help

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