It is said that IOS 11.4 will be supported the PWA, but it doesn't.

Question: Today IOS 12 released, does Apple support PWA in the 12th version of IOS? (Like add to home screen)

  • in what way does it not work yet?… and… sound like it was already working – luk2302 Sep 12 at 20:31
  • @luk2302 I have test it on my own phone, it doesn't have any add to homescreen button – Someone Sep 13 at 8:32
  • of course there is a button like thst, i have a couple of those "apps" on my phone. – luk2302 Sep 13 at 8:51
  • @luk2302 Android will prompt the user to add your app to their home screen if all PWA criteria are met. iOS will not prompt the user, instead forcing them to seek out the option to add it to their home screen themselves. – JacobTheDev Oct 5 at 3:54
  • @JacobTheDev would you please give me some examples? – Someone Oct 6 at 12:15
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Apple added an initial PWA support in iOS 11.3 in march 2018. You can read a really good explenation here:

Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here

Unfortunately iOS 12 doesn't seem to have improved the support in any significant way though.

Manifest is noticed as "in development" so I think a new version could add the automatic prompt add to home screen. I hope.

  • let's hope. But remember Add to Homescreen is not part of the web manifest or any specification. So Apple has no incentive from a compliance point of view to implement this feature. Right now they will point to their legacy Add to Homescreen option and mobile-web-app-capable settings. – Chris Love Oct 17 at 22:28

Apple has supported an Add to Homescreen experience since the first iPhone was released. It does not automatically prompt the user like Chrome on Android and desktop does. You will need to handle the prompt yourself. But Chrome is drifting that way too.

  • Yes, it looks like Matteo has decided to move on from development and took down his site recently :( I forked his original repo to make sure it stays alive if he removes the GitHub repo :) I may try to update his code, it all depends on my time bandwidth. With the changes to the overall A2HS it will be an interesting task to maintain since this is all very fluid. – Chris Love Oct 17 at 22:27

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