I'm feeling confused about how to implement both SSR&Code-splittin using this techstack:

  • webpack 4
  • react-loadable
  • react-router 4

It's still unclear for me how it works. Here I describe my current situation and provide some code snippets that relate to it. I've got the following project structure:



---------index.js (entry point for the client)



------------renderer.js (here I perform res.send(~html with bundles and markup~)

---------bootstrap.js (requires index.js and requires @babel/register)




---------App.js (used by client and server using react-router)

I've got a webpack folder containing common webpack config and specific configs for the client and server. As you can see, I use code splitting techniques in common.js (file that i merge with my client and server config:

enter image description here enter image description here

After running the command npm run build all I got is these bundles:

enter image description here

So the first question is: does it mean that my code is splitted? And why I don't see common bundle? (see optimization options)

Moreover I still don't get (second question) what file should be used as a server entry? Is it bootstrap.js?

And one more about server implementation (third question): which bundles should I inject as a script from those that I showed you on a screen?

Hope this post will be helpful for those who is struggling with ssr & code splitting like me.


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