I'm trying to filter for dates in a range, but I've gotten so frustrated that I'm now just trying to query for dates that are less than the current time.

I have this query:

q = { 'recorded_timestamp': { '$lt': '2018-09-12T21:02:05.187Z' } };

I've also tried the following queries and none of them work:

q2 = { 'recorded_timestamp': { '$lt': new Date() } };
q3 = { 'recorded_timestamp': { '$lt': new Date(Date.now()) } };
q4 = { 'recorded_timestamp': { '$lt': new Date().toISOString() } };

When I try to do MyModel.find(q), I get nothing back. However, if I copy that query exactly into a MongoDB shell, I'm getting the results that I expect.

const promise = new Promise(resolve => {
  const results = MyModel.find(q)
return promise.then(results => {
  return results; // results = [], but they shouldn't

What's going on here?

  • Mongoose version: 4.13.14
  • MongoDB version: 3.4.17
  • Node version: 8.11.2

Here's a relevant excerpt of the model:

const MySchema = new Schema({
  some_ID: {
    type:     String,
    required: true
  recorded_timestamp: {
    type:     Date,
    required: true
}, { timestamps: true });

module.exports = mongoose.model('MyModel', MySchema);

Here's a snippet of the sample data that gets inserted into the collection.

{ "some_ID": "16499", "recorded_timestamp": "2007-03- 13T07:39:52.959057" }
{ "some_ID": "17158",  "recorded_timestamp": "2007-09- 12T15:31:18.244142" }

You need to use callback to see the result.

MyModel.find(q, function(err, result) {
    if (err) {console.log(err);}
  • Yes, I am doing that. I was just showing what the query looks like. Thank you, though. I'll edit my question to demonstrate that I'm doing that. – pickle Sep 12 at 21:25

It turns out that the big JSON file that inserts a bunch of sample data was storing the values as strings (which is why q = { 'recorded_timestamp': { '$lt': '2018-09-12T21:02:05.187Z' } } worked when executed in a MongoDB shell.)

I changed the type of 'recorded_timestamp' in my schema to be a string and now it is working.

This thread helped me diagnose my issue: Mongoose Queries on Date Condition Have No Results, MongoDB Shell Works

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