I wrote a script that uses a service account and OAuth2 for Apps Scripts to disable auto-forwarding and enable IMAP on a domain user's gmail settings. The script works.

However, when I change the user's password. It stops working and gives me response code 401.

From other other question, suggested that I re-authorize the scripts. Reauthorize permissions to Google apps script after password change

How do you manually re-authorize the script?

I see the user's "access_token" for the Gmail API in the Script properties but not sure how to change it.

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    Do what you did the first time to get Auth? – TheMaster Sep 12 '18 at 22:41

Normally a service account is independent of the user changing their password. This has always been one of the key points of service accounts and Oauth2 even if the user changes their password you will still have access.

However this no longer works for some of the Google apis. Gmail is one if them if the user changes their password then the access token and the Oauth2 refresh token will no longer work until the user reauthenticates the application.

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