I am writing to a workbook where each iteration over an array, I add new worksheet to the workbook.

 a = [1,2,3,4]
    p = Axlsx::Package.new
    a.each do |arr|        
        p.workbook.add_worksheet(:name => "Name Sheet_#{arr}") do |sheet|
         sheet.add_row(["#","Name", "Status"]
         sheet.add_row(["1","ABC", 1]
         sheet.add_row(["2","XYZ", 0]
        p.workbook.add_worksheet(:name => "Address Sheet_#{arr}") do |sheet|
         sheet.add_row(["#","Address", "Status"]
         sheet.add_row(["1","NYC", 0]
         sheet.add_row(["2","LA", 1]
#add a summary worksheet


Now I want to add a summary sheet which will have records of Status 1 from all the worksheets. The summary sheet will be added only once (Axlsx will throw a duplicate sheet error anyway)

1: Can Axlsx open a worksheet in a workbook and append rows to it? 2: Is there any way for me to check if in a workbook , particular worksheet exists? (search by worksheet name)

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