I'm using sma from package Smooth and it's all working fine. Just curious why when I call methods(sma) it doesn't give any methods:

> methods(sma)
no methods found
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methods function returns:

List all available methods for a S3 and S4 generic function, or all methods for an S3 or S4 class.

hence there are no such methods available for sma function. Please compare with e.g. plot.

head(methods(plot), 20)


 [1] "plot,ANY,ANY-method"         "plot,ca.jo,missing-method"   "plot,ca.po,missing-method"   "plot,color,ANY-method"      
 [5] "plot,timeDate,ANY-method"    "plot,ur.df,missing-method"   "plot,ur.ers,missing-method"  "plot,ur.kpss,missing-method"
 [9] "plot,ur.pp,missing-method"   "plot,ur.sp,missing-method"   "plot,ur.za,missing-method"   "plot.acf"                   
[13] "plot.ACF"                    "plot.ar"                     "plot.Arima"                  "plot.arma"                  
[17] "plot.armasubsets"            "plot.augPred"                "plot.bats"                   "plot.chobTA"       

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