I have a very simple C++ executable and a few .txt resource files. At build time I embedd the .txt files into the C++ binary via linker and then I load them at runtime (based on this answer). That works great.

My problem is relinking. Whenewer I change the .cpp source of my executable and run make, the project rebuilds itself. However, if I change a .txt file and run make, the binary doesn't relink. How can I force CMake to watch changes to my resource files (.txt) so that when those change the executable gets relinked to contain the newest .txt resource files?

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    Can you show some CMake code for this? How are you adding the .txt file to the binary? That matters for finding a solution to this – Justin Sep 12 at 21:36

You can set a source property called OBJECT_DEPENDS containing the path to your .txt file. The file to set this property for should be any source that is included in your target.

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