I have React code like this:

handleTransitionEnd() {

<div onTransitionEnd={(ev) => this.handleTransitionEnd(ev)}....

The peculiar thing is that my logs are filling up with ended. Even if I don't have any transition css logic tied to the element at all. It seems to be firing on every state change or re render. Is this normal? I would expect it to only fire when a css transition ends.

Is there some other way this callback should be achieved?



here is a sandbox showing some strangeness: https://codesandbox.io/s/vy5wwyq5v3

Clicking the first button causes the callback to be called 3 times, then if you click the second button it gets called another 2 times even tho a transition doesn't happen. My app is even more extreme than this with it getting called a lot more often.

  • You should probably address the reason why your component is re-rendering. Can we see more of the code? – mattdevio Sep 12 at 21:41
  • Shouldn't it only trigger transitionEnd? Regardless of other things. Docs seem lacking. – Mike Sep 12 at 22:19

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