I'm getting issue with PhpMyAdmin when exporting any database. It is coming every time.

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Please help me if anyone has solution to resolve all these types of issues in PhpMyAdmin


It seems we can't remove all the issues from PhpMyAdmin with PHP 7.2+. But we can remove this issue by change in one line in file libraries/plugin_interface.lib.php file at line no 532.

Below is the screenshot for the fix.

Before fix code looks like:-

enter image description here

After fix code looks like:-

enter image description here

Above is the only fix to solve error messages in export database screen.


Yes if you're using phpMyAdmin version 4.6.6deb4, you'll get this error.

In my /usr/share/libraries/phpmyadmin/sql.lib.php file, on line 613 specifically, there seems to be an error in the if statement. Change

|| (count($analyzed_sql_results['select_expr'] == 1)

to this

|| ((count($analyzed_sql_results['select_expr']) == 1)

The first code line is attempting to count the result of a boolean expression with outputs a non-countable value ('false' or 'true').

After this change, the error went away.


After testing it on PHP 7.2.10 you need to change that line like this:

if ($options != null && count(array($options)) > 0) {

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