I am connecting to an Azure Server to import data hosted by a 3rd party. I can not use Windows Authentication to connect due to security protocols between their company and mine. I have to use server-side authentication with a username and password. I am connecting to Azure using OBDC through DSN. The problem is each time I open Access and connect to the Azure tables, I get a connection error that I have to correct by manually unchecking "Use Trusted Connection" then entering that server's username and password. Is there a way to automate that process?

  • When you created the DSN did you choose SQL Server authentication instead of Windows Authentication? If you are using Microsoft Access you can create a linked table to Azure SQL Database tables using that DSN. – Alberto Morillo Sep 13 at 15:04

There are two approaches you can use to fix this issue.

One way, is to delete all your table links, and then re-link. Just make sure you check the box to save the uid/password when you do this. As a result, Access will remember the settings for the lined tables. However, if you “often” or “always” need to prompt the user for uid/logon, then you have to re-link the tables each time. However, if you not needing to re-link or change the uid/password, then this is a simple and fine solution.

Just keep in mind that your uid/password is in “plain” sight the linked tables – so only you can decide if this is a “non issue”, or something that you want to prevent users from seeing.

The other approach is to “leave” your lined tables as they are, and execute a logon in your startup code. Once you executed a logon, then your existing linked tables (without the uid/password saved) will now work.

You can use the following code to “log on” to the server, and once done, then all of those prompts should not appear.

Function TestLogin(strCon As String) As Boolean

  On Error GoTo TestError

  Dim dbs          As DAO.Database
  Dim qdf          As DAO.QueryDef

  Set dbs = CurrentDb()
  Set qdf = dbs.CreateQueryDef("")

   qdf.connect = strCon

   qdf.ReturnsRecords = False

   'Any VALID SQL statement that runs on server will work below.
   ' this does assume user has enough rights to query built in
   ' system tables

   qdf.sql = "SELECT 1 "

   TestLogin = True

   Exit Function

   TestLogin = False
   Exit Function

End Function

You have to pass the above a correctly formatted connection string.

I will try the "log on" technique and let you know how it goes. To give a little more background, I am linked into several backend databases. The ones on on the companyserver auto login using Windows Authentication. The tables on a third party developer's server can not be linked with Windos Authentication due to security issues that poses. The third party connections have to use the developer's login and password.

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