Currently, we have a working solution to replicate OLTP data to Dataware house. This job can be run multiple times in a day to load OLTP data to DWH.

OLTP and DWH are in two different database. So we are using DB links to load data across DB.

We are now planning to move to cloud platform, there are restrictions of using DB links so we have been told by our DBAs to find out a different solution to load data across DB instead of using DB links.

One of the main feature or requirement is that load should happen dynamically as it is happening in out current job. That means, job should automatically load all tables in OLTP. If any new table is added, a simple configuration update will make sure that table is replicated.

Some of the options we have explored are below.

  1. Informatica PowerCenter: Only problem is that we need to manually edit the mapping whenever a new table or columns is added.

  2. Informatica Dynamic mapping: This will take care of loading all tables in the schema but licensing cost is more.

Request you to let is know if there are any other approach used for this requirement.

One other point to be considered is that we would like to keep the control with developers than DBAs whenever any issue occurs.


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