I have an Electron WebView. I want to take a screenshot of its content and display it somewhere in my application.

I have tried using the webview.capturePage method, which returns a Native Image.

How can I add that image to the DOM and thus display it on my app? I'm unsure how to convert it.

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You can use image.toDataURL for this purpose (as @Mikaeru suggested) An example could be

    <webview id="view" src="https://www.github.com/" style="width:320px; height:240px">
    <button id="capture">Capture</button>
    <img id="show" src="" />
      const wv = document.getElementById('view')
      const b = document.getElementById('capture')
      const i = document.getElementById('show')
      b.addEventListener('click', () => {
        wv.capturePage((img) => {
          i.src = img.toDataURL()

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