I'm creating an app with a "kit of parts" as a list in one recyclerview. The user can drag items from the kit and drop them into another recyclerview list I'll call "product". I'm a total beginner and pleased to have gotten most of this basic functionality working, but I'm stumped on a little animation necessary for usability. What's working:

  • display the preloaded "kit" list upon opening the app
  • scroll it
  • drag items via a selected spot (image) to the "product" side to build the new list (via a custom dragListener)
  • drop those items to desired position in the list - can be in middle or end
  • swipe item to remove it from the product side
  • reorder items on the product side (via a touchHelper callback and the adapter). This works really well in terms of the animation--as you drag the item "below" the moving item shift so you can see where you're going to drop if you release it.

What's NOT working:

  • That animation I just described - when dragging from kit side to the product side. I can't figure out how to get the product side list to animate in order to show the user just where the item will get dropped in the list. I think I somehow need to point the custom Listener back to the interaction between the Adapter OnViewMoved and the touchHelper OnMove, but I don't know how to do this for a new item getting dragged in.

Again I'm a TOTAL beginner so I beg forgiveness if I've provided poor information. I HAVE googled the hell out of this, but come up short on this aspect of this problem, despite getting good information on dragging between two recyclerviews to get myself this far. THANKS!

  • Rereading, I could boil this down to: how can I get the lovely "nudge-the-neighbors" animation while dragging an item from one recyclerview into another, prior to dropping into place mid-list? The rest is working--just not the animation that helps preview position! – luluzapcat Sep 14 at 21:49

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