I have a package in a private registry. I know it is there as I can pull it into some projects, but I can't pull it into one. I have the correct .npmrc one directory up but am still getting a 404 error.

Is there a way to check all registries that npm would use on install?

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You can show the registry of a specific package with the npm view command.

> npm view angular

[email protected] | MIT | deps: none | versions: 136
HTML enhanced for web apps

keywords: angular, framework, browser, client-side

.tarball: https://registry.npmjs.org/angular/-/angular-1.7.5.tgz
.shasum: d1c1c01c6f5dc835638f3f9aa51012857bdac49e
.integrity: sha512-760183yxtGzni740IBTieNuWLtPNAoMqvmC0Z62UoU0I3nqk+VJuO3JbQAXOyvo3Oy/ZsdNQwrSTh/B0OQZjNw==
.unpackedSize: 2.1 MB

- angular <[email protected]>
- angularcore <[email protected]>
- petebd <[email protected]>

latest: 1.7.5         old: 1.2.32           previous_1_4: 1.4.14  previous_1_5: 1.5.11

published 4 weeks ago by petebd <[email protected]>

When you use npm config get registry you will see the default registry.

> npm config get registry


With npm config list you can see custom configurations. When you have registered a registry for different scopes you will see them here

@polymer:registry=<url register A>
  • I know this is old, but where does the registry under .tarball come from? I am trying to install a a project in a docker container and some dependencies cannot be found since the tarball value is used as registry location instead of the npm config registry entry.
    – Chry007
    Oct 18, 2022 at 15:12

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