Spring Cloud Stream allows us to set routing key using application config, like:

      contentType: "application/json"

          prefix: "xxx."
          routing-key-expression: '''command.service'''

        destination: "resync-requests"

But I need to set the routing-key dynamically for each message send.

I know about BinderAwareChannelResolver but it seems this only allows you to create a new Exchange itself which is not the desired outcome.

I want to use the same TopicExchange but with different routing-keys.

Also if it is possible to achieve this using the Spring Cloud Stream's Reactive APIs?

  • I think you're looking for routingKeyExpression, which would essentially allow you to use say message header.- docs.spring.io/spring-cloud-stream/docs/Fishtown.M2/reference/… – Oleg Zhurakousky Sep 14 at 11:43
  • @OlegZhurakousky correct me if I am wrong, but routingKeyExpression can only be set in the application.properties file or the application.yaml file. But I want to programmatically decide the routing key which may be different for each and every message I send, but I always want to publish to the same TopicExchange – BinaryHexer Sep 14 at 17:40
  • The routingKeyExpression is going to be execute programmatically upon each message to determine the routing key. So executing expression on the Message (e.g., message headers) will allow you to be as dynamic as you want. – Oleg Zhurakousky Sep 16 at 15:39
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It uses a SPEL so you can set it at run time like this: messagingConfig.dataCopiedChannel().send(MessageBuilder.fromMessage(message).setHeader("type", "key-stuff").build()); where messagingConfig is your interface for bindings being injected into a class to send out the message.

You then configure your application.properties to look like this spring.cloud.stream.bindings.data-copied.destination=data.topic.exchange spring.cloud.stream.rabbit.bindings.data-copied.producer.routing-key-expression=headers.type

This would send it to the data.topic.exchange with a routing key of "key-stuff".

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