For some reason when I use this function in windows console application. It seems to work fine but when I used in windows form application, it keeps getting the output from the same same from the same element. I tried checking if theyres any difference in the loop and other part of the method,I cant seems to find the problem. Please help. enter image description here As you can see, the output has the same problem. I dont know whats going on.

This isnt the first time this happens, the quadtree I made have this problem too. The function is called in picturebox1_movemove

        public List<Tuple<int,int,int,int>> Output(int x,int y,int w,int h)
            int OutputSignal = 0;
            List<Tuple<int, int, int, int>> Output = new List<Tuple<int, int, int, int>>();
            for (int i = 0; i < Object.Count; i++)
                Tuple<int,int,int,int> Add = Object[i];
                if (Radar(x,y,w,h,Add.Item1,Add.Item2,Add.Item3,Add.Item4))
                    //Add into Found.
                OutputSignal = i;
            if (OutputSignal == Object.Count) { return Output; }
            return Output;
        //An omnidirectional collision detection.
        public bool Radar(int x,int y,int w,int h,int InpX,int InpY,int InpW,int InpH)
            //Centerize it within the shape.
            int CenterX = w / 2;
            int CenterY = h / 2;
            //Create a omnidirectional radar width and height but with a centralized point.
            int Left = CenterX - w*2;
            int Top = CenterY - h * 2;
            int Right = CenterX + w*2;
            int Down = CenterY + h*2;
            //The collision target.
            int MinX = InpX;
            int MinY = InpY;
            int MaxX = InpX + InpW;
            int MaxY = InpY + InpH;

            if (MaxX >= Left && MinX <= Right && MaxY >= Top && MinY <= Down)
                return true;
            return false;
    //Custom made experimental collision detection. Called in pictureBox1_MouseMove
    static public void CollisionRadar()
        CollisionOptimizer CO = new CollisionOptimizer();
        for (int i=0;i<ContainerBox.Count;i++)
            Input = ContainerBox[i];
        for (int i = 0; i < ContainerBox.Count; i++)
            Output = ContainerBox[i];
            Selected = CO.Output(Output.Item1,Output.Item2,Output.Item3,Output.Item4);
            for (int k=0;k<Selected.Count;k++)
                //>>>THIS<<< For some reason the output seems to work in Console application, on windows form the outputting properly.
                OutputSelect = Selected[k];
                //Collecting output to see why only one of the square is collision detected.
                //Disabled for testing.
                //ColorChange = Collision(OutputSelect.Item1,OutputSelect.Item2,OutputSelect.Item3,OutputSelect.Item4,Output.Item1, Output.Item2, Output.Item3, Output.Item4);
                ColorChange = Collision(OutputSelect.Item1, OutputSelect.Item2, OutputSelect.Item3, OutputSelect.Item4, MX,MY,30,30);
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    for (int i = 0; i < Object.Count; i++) - wait, what? Where does Object come from? Also where is declared the Output object you use inside CollisionRadar()? (Output = ContainerBox[i];) – Rafalon Sep 14 at 10:20
  • @Rafalon Maybe a global variable – Z3RP Sep 14 at 10:23
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    How can you possibly understand what you write when at least three different things have the same name? (The function Output instantiates a List<Tuple<int,int,int,int>> Output, and the function CollisionRadar uses a (global) variable named Output). Also what's the point of your if at the end of the Output function? You return Output; whatsoever – Rafalon Sep 14 at 10:28
  • @Rafalon The Object is outside the function. – Megalobonio Sep 14 at 10:52

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