I want to bundle my typescript sources in to a .js file, so it can be used in other javascript projects. For example

├── index.ts
├── sum.ts
└── minus.ts

bundle to

 ├── index.ts
 ├── sum.ts
 ├── minus.ts
+└── build/
+     └── math.js

so in html

<script src="math.js" > </script>
<script > 
    a = math.sum(6, 7);

And all imported node modules must be also bundled.

tsc with the outFile option will bundle the JavaScript generated from your TypeScript files. But if you want to bundle imported node modules, you'll need to use a module bundler such as Webpack, Rollup, or Browserify. Some module bundlers, including Webpack, have plugins available that allow them to accept TypeScript files as input without requiring a separate tsc step.

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