My calendar loads just fine with all events. This is how I'm constructing it:

    $events = [];

    foreach($CalendarClasses as $Q){

        $events[] = Calendar::event(

            new \DateTime($Q->date),
            new \DateTime($Q->date)


    $calendar = \Calendar::addEvents($events);

Here's a sample event:

"events":[{"id":null,"title":"CSC 422","allDay":true,"start":"2018-09-16T00:00:00+02:00"}]

Whenever I click an event or attempt to trigger the eventPopover (, I get redirected to

I tried to use a callback as in

$calendar = \Calendar::addEvents($events)->setCallbacks([
            'eventClick' => 'function(event) {
             event.preventDefault(); }'

But it's just not working. I don't need any eventClick events, I just want the popover to display and no events to be triggered when an event is clicked. What do I do?

I'm using fullcalendar/2.2.7.

  • "This UI component only applies to month view, basic view, and the “all-day” slot of agenda view" did you consider this? – Hussein Sep 14 at 13:37
  • @Hussein Yes, I'm trying to display it in the "month" view. The number of events displayed per day is limited to the height of the element holding the day. The "+2 more" is supposed to trigger a popover with the remaining events, but instead it redirects me to /undefined. The popover is displayed correctly, it's just that I get redirected for no apparent reason. – Wessam Sep 14 at 13:42

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