func previewRecording (withFileName fileURL: String) {
        if UIVideoEditorController.canEditVideo(atPath: fileURL) {
            let rootView = UIApplication.getTopMostViewController()
            let editController = UIVideoEditorController()
            editController.videoPath = fileURL
//            editController.delegate = ?????
            rootView?.present(editController, animated: true, completion: nil)
        } else {


^ current code

I have gone around the internet in circles a few times trying to figure this out. What would be the best approach for specifying a delegate for the UIVideoEditorController here? This is a react-native module where there is no ViewController, just utility classes.

Some simple example code I have come across

extension SomeViewController : 
    UINavigationControllerDelegate {

  func videoEditorController(_ editor: UIVideoEditorController, 
    didSaveEditedVideoToPath editedVideoPath: String) {


I am just loss about how to make this happen in my module though.

    @objc class ScreenRecordCoordinator: NSObject
        let previewDelegateView = PreviewDelegateView()
        // .......
        editController.delegate = previewDelegateView

    class PreviewDelegateView: UIViewController, UINavigationControllerDelegate, UIVideoEditorControllerDelegate {

        var isSaved:Bool = false

        func videoEditorController(_ editor: UIVideoEditorController, didSaveEditedVideoToPath editedVideoPath: String) {
            print("save called")
            if(!self.isSaved) {
                self.isSaved = true
                print("trimmed video saved!")
                editor.dismiss(animated: true, completion: {
                ReplayFileUtil.replaceItem(at: URL(fileURLWithPath: editor.videoPath), with: URL(fileURLWithPath: editedVideoPath))
                    self.isSaved = false

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