I have a react app...It has a NavBar from react bootstrap. The code looks like this -

            <Route exact path="/" component={Home} />
            <Route path="/terms" component={Terms}/>
            <Route path="/login" component={Login} />
            <Route path="/logout" component={Logout} />
            <Route component={Login} />

I have a logout tab on the Nav Bar. When I click on that, an empty screen opens and I ask for a dialog saying do you want to logout. What I want is, when I click on logout tab, I need to ask for the dialog in the screen wherever I am for example I am in Terms screen and click on logout tab, I want a logout dialog in Terms screen. How can I do that?

A simple approach for showing dialog:

In logout component have a state with dialog.

state = {

ComponentDidMount() {

  let dialog = null;

  if(dialog) {
   dialog= <div>Do you want to logout</div>; 


On click of yes button in this dialog, you can execute original logic to logout.

  • I dont want to open empty logout screen and on that a dialog...Instead I need a dialog in other component say Terms in my example – Julia Sep 14 at 13:52

you can use Modal component to ask something (there are many different modal component which you can use) . define a state and name it (for-example modal-visible) place your modal component inside your parent component and change the value of modal-visible by clicking on your routes declare it like this

interface state{
export default class yourClass extends React.Component<props,state>{
this.state = {modal-visible:false}


//your component
{this.state.modal-visible && <Modal>Are you Sure?</Modal>}

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